The age of the online traveller

August 13th, 2010

Whenever I travel these days, I always start my journey on Google. I bet I’m just like most other people; Want the excitement of something new, but still like to feel safe and at home when I get there. With the growth of Internet access in the past 15 years, the Internet has become a leading force in tourism and travel marketing around the world. Now you can know all about the place you plan to visit, long before you board the air plain. I’m not sure if that is such a good thing. To me, the point of traveling is to see something new. That is why I love travel websites that do not reveal all the secrets.

Iceland is filled with little secrets: Caves with hot pools inside, lights dancing in the sky when you least expect it or tiny shops in the back alleys of Reykjavik that seem endless when you enter. When we first started working on the bookiceland booking engine, we wanted it to be a good place for you to start off your journey. We don’t want to tell you all about your destination, but rather give you the tips that help you get the most out of your visit. We are not here to tell you the whole truth about Iceland, we are here to help you discover it for yourself!

Ever wanted to visit Iceland? Now is your chance!

August 12th, 2010

Jump in IcelandAs our opening date approaches, we at have decided to offer two people a free one week trip to Iceland. All we ask of you in return is to blog about your travels and experience in Iceland. If you are interested (or know someone who might be) please contact us before the 19th of August 2010 and tell us why you want to visit Iceland. If you have the best (or next best) reason, you will be one of the two who get a free one week trip to Iceland this September.

Email us at

A booking engine inspired by Iceland

August 12th, 2010

Reykjavik, IcelandHave you ever heard of a little island in the middle of the Atlantic ocean called Iceland? Well, in October 2010 you will have a whole new way of discovering Iceland, with the help of our new booking engine and information portal at

Our development team is now working around the clock writing and testing the website that will give you easy access to over 100 hotels, guesthouses and restaurants in Iceland. Our goal is to provide a wide range of service at affordable prices. So if you are going to Iceland and need to book a flight, a guided tour or a hotel, why not check us out?